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Data & Communications

  • Open cabling registration (A011026) with additional competencies of structured cabling, optical fibre and coaxial.


  • We can upgrade your home ready for the National broad band.


  • We can Install additional phone and data points.


  • Underground Cable location


Security, Video Surveillance & Access Controls


  • Security Systems License ISL 265574


  • CCTV - Cloud enabled video surveillance both for your home or business.


  • PA Systems.Security Alarm Systems – Monitored & Standalone.


  • Both for your home or business.


  • Multi-Tenant Security Systems.


  • Cloud enabled security systems.


  • AIPhone products – Audio visual intercom systems & colour video entry security.


  • Access control – 24 hour gyms, office blocks, gates, staff only areas.


  • Integrated intruder detection.


  • CCTV & Access Control Systems.


We had our security system installed by Hansen Electric and we were amazed at how much you can see on screen, so we feel already it has been a real deterrent.

It has a 360 degree view of the resource centre and we can see what's going on.

It's a good system, we are very happy with it, and are hoping to get more security like this in place.

Elizabeth Golding

Business Manager, Waikerie High School

Security System Installation

We Can Provide You with an Effective Security System Installation

If you want help with a security system installation, our professionals can assist every step of the way. Whether you need our services for the residential, commercial, or industrial sectors, we are happy to help. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Hansen Electric will always be a top choice for your security needs.

Benefits of Installing Data Points in Your House

In addition to supplying installations for security systems, we can also install more data points in your home. To understand the benefits of having more data points and why we believe any home with a security system should get a few, consider the following:


  • Data points provide your appliances with ethernet access to your network. Cabled connections are a consistent and more reliable method of connection when compared to other methods such as Wi-Fi. While some devices such as laptops can deal with intermittent connections, devices such as cameras should always have a reliably stable connection. 

  • Having more data points in your home means that you have much easier access to your network via ethernet cables. Whether you want to access your network from your bedrooms or want specific data points that security appliances can use, we can help you with the installations. 

  • With data points, you do not have to run ethernet cables across your floors or walls. Data points make sure that your lines run through your walls and stay out of your way. It provides a cleaner look overall, and you get the same speeds you would expect from standard ethernet connections.

Image by Bernard Hermant
2018-10-25 12.33.36 1.jpg

Services Similar to Installing Data Points in Your House We Provide

Our team can assist you in a variety of ways that go far beyond data point installation. To understand what other services we can deliver when it comes to security, consider the following:


  • We can help you set up your CCTV so that you have self-monitoring cloud-enabled video surveillance. Whether you want it in your home or business, we can plan and handle the installation without problems.

  • If you have multiple people living in a single residence or in an office that requires access to the security system, why not consider our multi-tenant security system installations? 

  • We can assist with the installation of access control. While these systems are much more common in businesses, gyms, office blocks, apartment buildings, and staff-only areas, we can certainly help you install them anywhere else if necessary.

Why Trust Us with Installing Data Points in Your House

Our team has extensive experience in the industry, and we can assist with a wide range of services. We can help you with security system installations, solar system installations, refrigeration system installations, and much more. If you need quality electrical, automation, or mechanical solutions in any industry, we are the team for the job. 


Remember the name Hansen Electric the next time you want to install more data points in your home or want a reliable team to handle your office security systems. 

Call us today so that we can start as soon as possible.

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