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Energy Efficiency


Tips and hints on how to save money on electricity in your house


  • Install a OWL+USB Wireless Electricity Monitor which will monitor the cost of the electricity you are using at any one time and enables data recorded by the monitor to be downloaded and displayed numerically / graphically using the OWL USB Connect2 Software. This is an excellent product which will educate you and the other members of your home, to save electricity, by turning off expensive equipment and appliances, when they are not needed.


  • Only fill your kettle with just enough water for what you need. To run a Kettle for a minute, uses the same power as running a normal fluro for an hour.


  • Avoid using blow heaters, as these normally use the same amount of power as a kettle. Try to find more efficient ways of heating.


  • Some of these include flat radiant panel heaters & Daikin inverter reverse-cycle air conditioners.


  • Replace energy saving fluro globes with LED Lamps.


  • Switch off your appliances at the power point when leaving for holidays to reduce energy wastage.


  • Minimise the use of blow driers and other radiant typle appliances as little as possible.


  • Most of the time you dont need full brightness, use a dimmer and save money.


  • Install a timer to automaticly turn off heaters, in case you or the kids forget.


  • Install a humidity sensor on your exhaust fans, so they run automaticly when needed.


  • "Lights being left on"?  Install an indoor sensor switch which automaticly turns off the lights, saving power.


  • Computers use electricity in sleep mode, so shut down completely and save.


  • If you want your outside lights on at night, a sunset switch automaticly adjusts for daylight saving and seasonal changes.


  • Don't leave the toilet light on all night, install a dimmer, timer or sensor switch, to save power.



These are only a few suggestions, for more ideas, contact Hansen Electric on 08 85412955, or email us

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Energy Efficiency
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