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  • Clean Energy Council Accreditation. A2887508.

  • Installing Tier 1 selected inverters and panels.

  • Grid connect systems to 30 kilowatt.

  • Domestic and Commercial systems available.

  • Web based monitoring systems available so you can monitor your system anywhere.

  • Micro Inverters available to optimise performance.

  • All installations carried out by electrical tradesmen.

  • Cleaning and maintenance available with written report on systems performance.

  • We have installed systems state wide.

Solar Installations and maintenance

Solar Installations

If you are looking for a team that can help you with solar installations, look no further. We offer all the services you need, from installations to repairs to regular maintenance to keep your solar systems up and running around the clock. You can always count on Hansen Electric for greener electrical solutions. 


We can assist you in a range of industries if you need solar installations, including:


  • The residential sector if you want to provide your home with greener energy solutions. 

  • The commercial sector if you want a solar system big enough to support your office. 

  • The industrial sector, if you have a large demand for electricity and want solar to help address it. 

If you want to know whether we can assist with more specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Getting Reliable Solar Installations from Our Team

Here are some benefits you can expect from your solar system:


  • It pays for itself. Since you save electricity as soon as the system is online, you will eventually pay off the system and much more. 

  • It lasts for years. With a little bit of maintenance here and there, your system will last for decades. 

  • You can always add to the system. If you later want to expand the size of your solar system, we can help you do it. 

Image by Sungrow EMEA

When we opt to use greener energy solutions, we not only provide ourselves with more affordable electricity but also support the planet. If you are ready to make the transition, give us a call, and we can put everything in motion. 

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