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Commercial Air Conditioning

Invest in Quality Commercial Air-Conditioning Services

When it comes to a commercial air-conditioning installation or repair, our electrical contractors provide exceptional service. From quality repairs to tailoring a system that suits your requirements, we have extensive commercial electrical experience, knowledge and skills. You can ensure the comfort of your employees with our quality, energy-efficient, reliable units. 

Signs You Should Invest in a Commercial Air-Conditioning Repair

Consider the signs that you should invest in a repair or maintenance service for your air-conditioning system. 


  • You notice a significant increase in energy expenses: While seasonal temperature changes can impact the usage of your air-conditioning unit, a sudden increase in your energy bill that is unrelated to the weather can indicate a possible malfunction. Problems such as a refrigerant leak, clogged filters, or debris in the system can cause your system not to function properly. You must get a repair to fix the issue and prevent excessive wear and tear of your equipment. 

  • There is an unpleasant odour coming from the vents: A build-up of mould can cause unpleasant odours in your unit, blocked air filters, electrical issues, and more. A qualified electrical technician can find the source of the smell and fix the issue. With unpleasant odours, a maintenance service is critical to protecting the health and safety of your employees. For example, poor air quality may cause an increase in staff illnesses which can lead to a decrease in productivity, while an electrical issue could cause a fire in the system.

  • You hear unexpected noises coming from the unit: You should call in a licensed electrical contractor to assess any unusual noises. There may be a loose component or other issues that can cause your system to malfunction; loud repetitive sounds can disturb your employees.

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Benefits of a Domestic Air-Conditioning Installation

There are numerous benefits to installing a domestic air-conditioning unit.


  • Enhanced security measures: There is no need to open windows or doors to create an airflow as a domestic air-conditioning unit will maintain an even and comfortable temperature in your space. This benefit can increase your security measures and improve the air quality as your home won’t be open to uninvited visitors or pollutants. 

  • Improves concentration: Whether you’re working from home, studying or carrying out another mental task, there is no need to suffer through hot and humid temperatures that prevent you focusing properly. You can set your domestic air-conditioning unit to the ideal temperature and help improve your concentration. 

  • Prevents devices from overheating: In warm temperatures, your devices and electrical appliances are at risk of overheating. An air-conditioning unit can keep your home at a cool, even temperature and protect your devices from excessive heat.

About Hansen Electric

We provide complete electrical services, including reliable, efficient and quality air-conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance. We are reputable Daikin dealers and provide knowledgeable advice to ensure that you get the most suitable installation to meet your requirements. Contact us for a free installation quote or a repair service.

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