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Domestic Electrical Installation

Whether building or renovating a property, the process of domestic electrical installation is one of the most fundamentally important efforts involved in any project. Not only is there a myriad of rules, regulations, and building codes to meet for the sake of safety, but there is also careful planning and work to be done to ensure long-term and reliable operation. Even something as simple as installing a light switch could be done incorrectly, leading to problems that will frustrate homeowners for years to come. Correct installation today mitigates the need for expensive and aggravating repairs or replacements later or not being covered by your insurance company. 


At Hansen Electric, we know the value of a job done right the first time, which is why we offer our extensive experience to builders, homeowners, and everyone else who needs a reliable electrician. Learn about the value of experience and the advantages we offer our clients.

What You Should Know About Electrical Installations

No two electrical installation jobs are exactly the same because every home is different, with techniques differing from decade to decade. Why is it so important to invest in a proven domestic power service provider when you need a new system created or an upgrade installed?


  • There are many steps involved in providing a safe electrical installation. Although we rely on electricity daily, we should always take care to do so safely and efficiently. Even a ceiling fan installation could be dangerous if you aren't careful. 

  • Choosing the appropriate solution for any given application within the home requires the experience to know what works, what doesn't, and what might cause problems for a homeowner in the future.

  • There are strict standards for electricians to meet regarding installations, especially any large-scale effort involving wiring behind the walls. Choosing a team such as Hansen Electric ensures that you have capable hands on the job at all times.

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What Sets Hansen Electric Apart as Local Electrical Contractors?

At Hansen Electric, we've been proudly serving our community for many years. In that time, we've differentiated ourselves as a friendly and reliable provider of a full set of services. When you need assistance, why choose our local electrical contractors? 


  • We've been providing cost-effective and highly reliable outcomes for our clients since 2007. With so many years behind us already, we've seen and sorted many kinds of issues for homeowners. We know how to handle even the most challenging jobs.

  • Our skill set is very broad, encompassing an extensive service menu that reduces the need to rely on additional service providers. From small repair jobs to major new installs, we do it all.

  • Our friendly customer service both makes it easy to arrange for service and get help and inspires confidence on-site. We treat your property with respect and focus on cleanliness while we work.

Signs You Should Invest in Replacing a Circuit Breaker

Although we assist with new build and reno projects frequently, we can also help clients who need to bring their homes into the 21st century with safer and more modern electrical equipment. How can you tell if your residential switchboard or circuit breaker has begun showing its age? Here's how to know it's time to replace:


  • Frequent circuit trips. If you're constantly losing power when an appliance turns on or even without warning due to a breaker tripping from an overload, it's time to upgrade to something newer.

  • Obvious signs of damage, such as fraying in nearby wiring or scorch marks near circuit switches inside the breaker.

  • If you notice any unusual signs, such as heat near the circuit breaker or even an acrid smell in the air. This often indicates a more serious problem that you should seek to have corrected as soon as possible.

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Problems With Home Wiring Hansen Electric Can Address

Over time, the general wiring in place in your home could develop issues, not only at the circuit breaker but in other locations as well. We're well-versed in diagnosing and solving these problems for our clients. Some of the most typical concerns we address include:


  • Electrical surges. Sometimes, old or damaged wiring can allow for large amounts of current to suddenly flow through the wiring, causing potentially damaging surges. We'll determine where the fault is and replace the offending section.

  • Poor light switch operation, especially dimmers. Do you have a dimmer switch that never seems to work correctly and often burns out your bulbs too fast? It's likely wired incorrectly. Our team can offer a simple fix.

  • A constantly tripping breaker. As above, this could be a sign that you need to replace the breaker itself. In other cases, faulty wiring is to blame, so a thorough investigation is necessary.

Services Related to Outdoor Wiring We Provide

Our experience isn't limited only to indoor spaces. We know how to safely wire up your outdoor spaces, too, for adding functionality to your property. Consider a few of the common reasons our clients ask for outdoor wiring and how we offer solutions.


  • We can install outdoor lights that are safe to operate and can stand up against the elements. By keeping the sun and rain out of a more hardened electrical setup, you can count on a longer usable lifespan from your lights.

  • Our team can assist with creating outdoor power points so you can run power tools, equipment, or electrical outdoor cooking equipment.

  • We also wire outdoor kitchens more generally. Allow us to play an important role in the process of making your space as enjoyable as possible for living and entertaining by creating robust wiring for our outdoor areas.

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Why is Hansen Electric a Cost-Effective Option for Wiring Installation?

With nearly two decades of experience not only in residential but also commercial and industrial electrical systems, Hansen Electric has a deep well of understanding to draw upon for your projects. Trust that all the wiring in your home meets the relevant Australian standards and can offer your family reliable functionality for many years to come. To find out more about how we can help or to book in a service visit, please contact us now.

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